The Process

Welcome to The Process. This is an attempt to bring you behind the scenes of what we do at Eighth Order. I think far too many companies are closed off to their customers knowing how or why it all happens the way it does. I think telling stories is the most important aspect of what we do here and I want to do the best we can telling all of the relevant stories about our business.

So, stay tuned to our website and this blog that I have named "The Process". I think this will build a community of like minded people that can learn and grow from each other... and continue to give Veterans an outlet to help tell their stories.

God bless,



  • This is a very amazing and very special. Thank you for supporting our veterans . I got the news about your site from Linkden . Now I will explore the site and I will be very happy to share your website with everyone I work with and with everyone I know. Outstanding.

    Yousef A.
  • Hi. Great looking shop, no kidding. I’m sure as you grow and serve more customers, you’ll expand, but you’ll always remember these good times. Take photos, my recommendations, take a lot of photos to remember the present shop and how things are/were. So, just stopping by, new here so I’m headed to the shop section. Best of luck to ya!

    dAN S.
  • Thank you for your service! I think you are doing a great thing, and I am pleased that you are doing it in Kalida! I will spread the news of you new enterprise. Keep up the good work!

    Paul Caskey

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