Our Story

We are a veteran-owned company dedicated to telling veteran stories through the lens of their combat uniforms. Like fingerprints, all veterans and their stories are unique. What remains constant to all of them is the effects of combat. The toll it has taken on the fighting men and women behind the uniform.

Each day, our great nation loses its exceptionally talented and combat-tested souls to addiction and suicide. The effects of Post-traumatic Stress (PTS) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) are far too real and too often result in this tragic loss. Not only do we lose part of the fabric of America, but the toll these losses take on the families is immeasurable.

William, Tom, and Chris have embarked on a mission to help veterans and their families triumph over the effects of combat. They believe talking about it is a significant first step towards telling our veterans stories.

Each combat uniform's story lives on in our Mission Label shirts, forever preserved on the backs of men and women who care about you more than you'll ever know and forever immortalized in our mission hall of life.

As always 10% of proceeds from all purchased items is donated to Camp Southern Ground to combat PTS, TBI, Veteran Suicide, and promote veteran entrepreneurship.

God bless you all!