Our Story

Eighth Order, a veteran founded and operated team, meticulously upcycles uniforms worn in service to our nation into unique, performance, and professional clothing.

In an effort to honor our heroes while also providing service to those in need, we found that creating a unique “statement piece” would encourage conversation towards veterans and veteran concerns. These unique pieces provide every one of us the opportunity to assist the Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs)in working towards combatting veteran suicide, Post Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury, and substance abuse.

Our shirts Carry Forward a legacy and its story, each one unique and merits being told. We utilize uniforms that have been donated by veterans or family members and capture the events that unfolded while worn. Every item is accompanied by the story of that uniform, in hopes that the wearer will continue to tell its tale. By retelling the stories of these heroes, we can all play an important role in assisting our veterans and help put an end to the conditions plaguing them.