Donation Policy

Donation Policy

First and foremost we would like to thank you for your service to our nation as well as your willingness to support our mission. 

Donors are anyone who submits a uniform, parts, or pieces, as well as the history associated with the wearer. 

Eighth Order has the right of refusal to accept donations.

Eighth Order is not sponsored by nor does it receive any funding from the United States Armed Forces or the United States Government.

Eighth Order will profit from the sale of donated products and the accompanying stories. Proceeds of each “Mission Label” sale are donated on behalf of the donor to one of our partnered Veteran Organizations. 

Eighth Order will cover the cost of shipping from “you” the donor to “us” Eighth Order. Eighth Order will supply the donor with a prepaid shipping label based on the size of the donation and location of the donor. 

Eighth Order reserves the right to utilize the donor’s likeness in order to determine the final sales cost of finished items. 

Eighth Order is partnered with Veteran Service Organizations that are aligned with the Eighth Order mission, to support veterans with PTSD, TBI, and counter veteran suicide. Requests to outside organizations will be considered however we reserve the right to refuse. Eighth Order will make attempts to satisfy the donor’s requests however if the organization in question does not meet the vision and values of Eighth Order then “we” will drop the donor’s product and/or refuse the donation. 

Donors may request the items and quantity of new items to be produced from the yields of their donation. Ultimately the Eighth Order will make the final determination, however, we will attempt to abide by the request of the donor. 

Donors may submit information to accompany the donation such as; time period served, location of the service member and donation item, operations involving service members, stories, and significant events of service member’s. The Eighth Order will make every attempt to illustrate the donor in a positive light while also maintaining Operational Security (OPSEC) of the organization and ongoing operations and the Personal Security (PERSEC) of the donating individual. 

Donations may be made on behalf of an individual. Attempts will be made to contact the original uniform owner in order to receive permission to utilize likeness, however, the donor retains all responsibility of story submission and any publicity resulting from the submission. 

Eighth Order will attempt to vet the donated items and stories for authenticity and veracity. If we determine an item or story to be misleading we will omit the item and or material from our product line up. Eighth Order will attempt to satisfy the “mission” with the donor. If unable to properly vet the items and stories, Eighth Order will return the donation.