Our Mission

Carry Forward the legacies of our heroes, that can be shared by all.


Our inspiration and Logo Sake

Saint Michael, commonly known as the Leader of the Armies of God, is often invoked for protection against enemies and is said to be the Patron Saint of Soldiers, Police Officers, and Doctors. 

Our company name and our winged logo pay homage to Saint Michael as we work to raise awareness and restore the lives of veterans and military families tormented by Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) and Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI). On the battlefield, Saint Michael protected us from harm. Once our heroes return, the battlefield at home has proven to be a far greater a foe than any frontline - domestic or overseas.

Eighth Order has embarked on a mission to help veterans and their families triumph over the effects of trauma sustained from combat experiences, by donating a portion of every item sold, to a Veteran-Caregiver organization, working to help those who have given everything for our safeties and freedoms.