Our Mission

Eighth Order's mission is to preserve the warrior legacy by helping Veterans tell their stories. We use our unique products to tell those stories to raise awareness and give struggling Veterans an outlet. Eighth Order is committed to bending down the curve of Veteran suicide by raising money for the Veteran organizations committed to helping Veterans transition from the military smoothly and efficiently and who conduct Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) programs.

We know the cost of warfare beyond the physical. The mind is a battlefield of its own, and we know far too well what PTS and TBI can do to Veterans, their families, and their communities.

American Veterans are the cornerstone of our nation. Putting your nation's colors on is an incredible honor and responsibility that only a few among us have the privilege of doing. There is no finer calling than to work in service to your fellow countrymen and the freedom of one’s nation.

As Veterans of the United States military and the healthcare profession, William, Tom, and Chris built Eighth Order to continue serving those who served our nation.

After two decades of warfare, veterans struggle to cope with war atrocities and their military transition into civilian life. We are losing far too many warriors after service because of PTS and TBI.

"As the President and Co-founder of Eighth Order, I live with Post-Traumatic Stress daily. Throughout my military service I saw things that are hard to forget. I found help and learned to navigate life’s challenges after serving. I will never leave someone struggling with the injury of Post-Traumatic Stress behind. I will fight to my last breath to help veterans Carry Forward.” – William Romes

As always 10% of proceeds from all purchased items is donated to Camp Southern Ground to combat PTS, TBI, Veteran Suicide, and promote veteran entrepreneurship.

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